The Good Samaritan Home is an independent living facility for adults of all ages and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Good Samaritan Home began as a retirement community but quickly transformed into an independent living facility for low-income adults. The Good Samaritan Home provides housing for those who might otherwise have nowhere to live. We offer 45 furnished rooms with ½ baths and common shower areas. Three meals are served daily from our home-style kitchen and served by our friendly staff. Weekly housekeeping and laundry services are also provided. Lovely yards and courtyards make for enjoyable get - togethers and create a sense of community. We have residents who have lived here for decades and others that need a place to start over, staying only a few months. Our mission is to "Do Some Good" and is something we see our residents and community do daily!


Some of our residents and staff at The Good Samaritan Home!

2015 Recognition Grants/Donors

Thanks to our generous donors, The Good Samaritan Home is able to continue to provide safe and affordable housing.

Lightfoot Foundation - Funds to purchase emergency response panel.

Idaho Women's Charitable Foundation - Funds for Renovation, Repair and Beautification Project. 

Waddell And Reed - Gold Miner Sponsor for #gitTEA Up Hoe Down

Neoreef - Website

Albertson's Floral Department - Flowers

Impact Radio - Advertising

Agri Beef - Funds for Operating Expense

Idaho Community Foundation - Funds to help run the organization

Nagel Foundation - Funds for the HVAC Project 


Jack Moore, President
Will Anderson, Treasurer
Julie Hahn, Secretary

Nick Drake
Susie Bellini-Riley
Mae Purves
Laine Moore

Travis Breckenridge