Why I Ask …


I’ve been the Executive Director of Good Samaritan Home over three years now. It’s not an easy job, but it is a wonderful job. In many ways I’m like a parent… but I have hundreds of children. It’s not like a teacher, who teaches her students and then sends them out into the world. It’s more like I guide my peeps through highs and lows or ups and downs and all around. I get to experience the reality of finding a home and success of moving on or upward or tremendous loss when a bad choice leads to disaster and absolutely everything in between.

Every single day brings adventure and challenges, some days bring great happiness and other days are just “ugh” … you know what I’m talking about.

Today is a great day. If you’re a part of the email updates or receive a hard copy of our semi-annual newsletter, then you’ve met James. (If not, then you need to get signed up). James has resided at the Home since 2010. In those seven years, James will tell you, he has quit drinking, quit smoking, gotten healthy and is now a new man, in his 70s.  James is a small man, but a tower of wisdom.  James was homeless, he tells about living under an overpass, along the river and in shelters.  He’d lost family relationships, his connection to community and everything of great value.

But, James’ life changed when he moved in to Good Samaritan Home.  Within six months, he began attending AA meetings and he’s been sober ever since.  He continues to attend.  And, today, James is an artist, he’s received multiple awards for his art from the Western Idaho Fair and you, “The People’s Choice Award.”  He communicates regularly with his daughter and attends art classes through the Veteran’s Administration.  Yes, he’s a veteran.  Please, congratulate James again for another great year and his continued growth as a new man.

I tell you about James because … James is Why I ask, You to Give.  Him and the other 44 residents that live in our Home.  Together, we make the safety net that keeps our residents off the streets and housed.

You can participate in our Annual Fundraiser as we celebrate Our Diamond Anniversary, 75 years of providing low-income housing in Boise.  Call for details, 208-343-6051.  Or sign up for email updates and follow along.