Get Involved

Do you want to “Do Some Good” for those in the community?

Well we have plenty of volunteer opportunities; one of them is bound to spark your interest!

Volunteer Opportunities:

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities at The Good Samaritan Home.  All of us from the Board of directors to the residents and employees of The Good Samaritan Home greatly appreciate all of your help.  If you are interested in volunteering here are a few areas that may be of interest to you.  Every minute of your volunteer time adds to our ability to continue housing for people that may not have anywhere else to go:

  • Internships
  • Special Events
  • Repair/Maintenance Projects
  • Activities Coordinator

Please contact us today if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.


Intern at The Good Samaritan Home

Want to help out a local nonprofit organization and receive credit at the same time?

The Good Samaritan is here to help you out!

Apply for an internship by emailing Peg at or call 208-343-6051

Special Events

For those who love to volunteer at fundraisers and other events!

The Good Samaritan Home is always in need of volunteers to help at fundraisers and community events.  If you are interested in being part of our special event team, please contact us!

Home Projects

Want to donate by helping us with projects around The Good Samaritan Home?

The Good Samaritan Home is always looking for individuals to help with projects around the facility.  Everything from keeping up the outside to helping paint a room!  If you’re interested in volunteering your time to help keep the Home up and running, just contact us today!

Activities Volunteer

Want to volunteer to help at one of our Home activities?

We are always looking for volunteers to help at weekly events at the Home.

If you would like to help at one of these activities or create an activity of your own, please do!

Contact us today with your idea!

Residents at their weekly game of bingo


Thanks to our generous donors, The Good Samaritan Home is able to continue to provide safe and affordable housing.

Agri Beef – Funds for Meals Program

Boise Regional Realtors – Funds for Renovation, Repair and Beautification (ADA Compliance for Residents’ Restrooms)

Idaho Community Foundation –  Walter and Leona Dufresne Fund – Funding our Meals Program

Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation – Funds for Renovation, Repair and Beautification Project (Flooring)

Impact Radio – Advertising

Jeker Family Trust – Funding our Meals Program

Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation – Funding our Meals Program

Lightfoot Foundation – Funds for Renovation, Repair and Beautification Project (Emergency Response Panel, Restroom Remodel, Flooring)

Nagel Foundation – Funds for the Renovation, Repair and Beautification Project (Paint, Signage, Furniture)


Waddell And Reed – Midas Sponsor for James Bond Affair – A License to Murder

Board of Directors

  • Nick Jerns, President
  • Travis Breckenridge, Vice President
  • Will Anderson, Treasurer
  • Gerrie Autry
  • Chris Cassidy
  • Alexandra Hyde
  • Cathie Martin
  • Mae Purves
  • Lisa Veaudry